Shields Holding, Iris Secure

My husband David's been getting a lot of spam emails, and so have I. The trickiness is that we can't just mark the emails "spam" and forget it, because they're spoofed to appear to come from our domain. They're getting stopped, but we need to figure out some filters to refuse them completely.

It's still amusing to continue to get emails from our "staff" telling us our computers are "zombies." In light of the preceding link, does this mean that we're bound to get all medieval on the zombies' decaying asses?

For the first time Blogula had a lot of comment and trackback spam; fortunately the combination of "no spam for you" plugins we're using is working well. That is, when I remember to check the moderation queues. Thus I was mildly shocked to find a couple of hundred fake comments… which were ludicrously easy to filter and delete quickly once I got there. So for now they can all just go "splat" against the titanium iris before they even have a chance of rematerializing on this side of the event horizon.


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2 thoughts on “Shields Holding, Iris Secure

  1. The email’s that have spoofed email addresses aren’t spam … they are actually viruses trying to replicate themselves.

    I’ve put some measures in place to block some of them, I hope.

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