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Jay Allen, of MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse fame, generously recommends Brad Choate's Spam Lookup as a more comprehensive solution to webspam/commentspam/trackspam. The nightly build (which fixes a bug in beta 2) is here. So, in short, for spamkilling purposes on the new and improved MT3.16 version of the blog, I think I'd like to give "Spam Lookup" a whirl. I like MT-Blacklist, but it's kind of slow, and the cross-blog functionality alone makes it possible for me to open up the 'Quicklinks' sideblog comments. Plus… hey, I think I could eventually bring the Holy Moly blog under its wing, too. Hmm. This looks like a job for The Hubbernator! I've managed to bumble through several other items tonight…

  • Comments and trackbacks now in-line, thanks to LMT and Anziblog
  • Pop-ups for comments and trackbacks on old entries purged from date and category archives
  • Smilies are now working in their new location in the Individual Entry Archives
  • Yet to be achieved: going back and re-opening comments on old entries
  • Resolution: try to remember to use extended entry more often
  • I'm ready to make the cutover to the new version, but David has to do something first.
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