Here’s a picture of our first Geocaching success story, Herzilein. We took him (her?) out to dinner at Hanafuda, then went to the village of Hana a couple of nights, went to the store, and finally said farewell somewhere on the south coast of Maui.

I’m currently reading up on the whole geocache game, hunt, boondoggle, or what-have-you at Geocache-U.

For instance, most geocachers have to print out the information, but there’s a way to download the page information to a Palm – this method is pretty complicated, but might work better than the way we were doing it in Maui (which was write stuff down since we didn’t have a printer or a cable to download the basic waypoints to David’s Palm). So, our success rate was piss-poor, because we just didn’t have the intel. Needed the info.

However, back to our few, proud successes. Meet Herzelein, a world-traveling (maybe) bear. It appears from a reading of the rules that we made an elementary newbie error – in the future, need to remember NOT to take a picture of travelbugs with the number showing. Don’t know why, but I’m sure there’s a good reason.

Geocachers are pretty funny. The FAQ says:

Unless you have a tracking system implanted by aliens, you should be safe from the satellites above. As an extra precaution, however, you can put aluminum foil on your head to deflect the “gamma” beams.

Yippee! We’re all set! David actually has a working tinfoil hat!

(yes, he does. It’s a camping/hiking hat with a Mylar top layer that supposedly reflects UV/IR wavelength and is designed to keep him cool and comfy on a hot day).

Useful links for this new hobby/sport/obsession:
Creating your first cache
Cache listing guidelines

And now, back to work. Dammit.

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