Only 362 Shopping Days!


Just in case my sister needs ideas for next Christmas: she’s one of those people that starts shopping in January.

I’ll have to decline the kind offer from the same site for their Bobblehead Jesus page linked to the Holy Moly site, though. I don’t think Father Ted would go for it.

Happy Blogoversary To Me (and Rance)

I got a couple of emails this week reminding me that Rance first started blogging about this time last year. As it happens, so did I, about 2 weeks earlier.

And what with the holidays and shopping and screwing around last week at home and TV-show obsessions, I sort of forgot my blogoversary.

Now might be a good time to announce something Important, but I don’t have anything. Got bupkiss, in fact. But I do think I’ll be making more of an effort to actually blog stuff about my fascinatin’ lifestyle (not) rather than simply regurgitating news items and blathering on about them. I have no urge to make a year-end list or do some meme thing, either. I’ll just try to do better than just recycling links in the main blog.

For some reason, I seem to have a number of different blogs, for different purposes. There’s Razzberry Vinaigrette, which I’m using to highlight photos I’ve taken. And ginny’s links galore, which is more of a news-item blog for those times when Moveable Type is down and I want to save a story for later. And then there’s quicklinks, which is just a sideblog for stashing snarky quips along with links. Oh, yeah, there’s a church one that I’m experimenting with for Holy Moly. Not ready for prime time. See? Once you get started, it’s hard to stop.


But enough about all those other blogs. What gives with this one? I’ll just try to keep up with events here in Burbclavia, such as the much-longed-for arrival of David’s Christmas present, a working tabletop trebuchet. I ran across a helpful review (with illustrations showing all the little fiddly bits of wood that gets turned into a missile flinging weapon of minor destruction here.

It’s timely, too, as BoingBoing just had a post on Dangerous Things on the Desk today.

And of course, I got the original idea for getting this present for David from watching Return of the King (yep, those are trebuchets flinging chunks of masonry at the orcs!) and Amazing Race (nope, that wasn’t a catapult, it was a trebuchet!).

Sometime next year, the trebuchet will be assembled. And then all shall fear and tremble at the wrath of Geeks. In the meantime, I’ll keep on blogging.

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2 thoughts on “Only 362 Shopping Days!

  1. Now – that would have been a great stocking stuffer. Instead, he got a hand-held Texas Hold’em game!! I think Holly would like the Jesus figure. LOL
    Happy New Year!