Today I Am Nine (in Second Life Years)

July 5th. Carl Metropolitan’s rezday. I’ve been in Second Life on and off for nine years now. Seven of those nine years were spent running new resident help organizations, first NCI from 2005 to 2009, and then Caledon Oxbridge from 2009 to 2012. Now I just run trivia games on Tuesdays and putter about Oxbridge and annoy the Lindens about fixing the new user experience.

See you all next year!

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The Drax Files : World Makers Really Are Good Documentaries About Second Life

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is not a publication that devotes much time to Second Life. They are mostly a PC Gaming publication. They did interview Rod Humble, but that seemed to be more to do with his background with Electronic Arts and The Sims, more than it was to do with Second Life. However this week […]

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See the latest Happy Hunting show and catch up on Hunt news!

This week Cinders Vale, host and hunt reporter, brings gifts from a wide variety of hunts to the set of the latest episode. Hotter Than Hell Hunt 2, Midsummer Night’s Dream 5 Hunt, Botanica’s Wonderland Maze and Artifact Hunt and The Young Gentleman’s Club are all represented on the set.

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Material water – number of light reflections

Hi, I have a problem with adding light sources objects to my object with material textures enabled. I want to create water with many lights reflecting in it. When I add more than 5 (somethimes 6) objects with light one reflection (of previously added objects with light) automatically turns off. Is this something what I can fix with viewr settings? 

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Am I The Last Person To Discover Google+’s Enhanced Photos Feature? Now with MOAR LOLPeacocks

I was cleaning out mail from some of my accounts and realized that even deleting almost all of the unwanted mail still left 11G of stuff stored in there. At some point, I must have enabled the photo backup feature and WHOA. It had EVERYTHING on my iPhone, everything in Picasa.

If you take a lot of pictures of a Christmas tree from the same angle, you get an animated, twinkly Tannenbaum (with people dancing around it if they’re decorating). It’s actually kind of a pretty effect – Christmas Eve 2013, singing Silent Night with guitar accompaniment, you get the lit candles sparkling, too.


There’s some settings to figure out to stop the jittering, it’s much smoother “as is” if this were uploaded to a public album on Google Photos. This way, the angels on the Angel Tree look sorta fidgety.

If you take a lot of pictures of something, like the multiple head shots we took for the infamous 3D Head birthday gift prank, you get animated… heads.

And no, I’m not going there. But the Inadvertent LOLwhale albums from many years’ worth of whale-watching cruises were entertaining (I have a lot to work with there).

If you take a lot of pictures of an animal, like a peacock at a nature reserve on Oahu’s North Shore, you get this:


I made it more bettah with lots of diva attitude.

So while playing around with that and laughing at the LOLwhales and whatnot, I figured out that the funny captions on animated GIFs have to be on each layer, not just on a transparency over the top, or you get this manic blinktag effect.

That’s all for now! I’m now the last person on the Internets who learned a stupidly easy way to make animated GIFs.

Retail Induced Shutdown Syndrome, I’m Having It

Errands have been run, money has been spent, stuff has been bought. Never having been a person energized by shopping, I’m taking a break at Panera.

But I’ve got the solution to the Christmas tree problem in the car – this year, it’ll be out of Riley’s nomming range, on a riser that doubles as an ornament storage box.

I’ve made a start on the stocking stuffers everyone gets on Christmas morning, and I’ve got David sorted. He’ll get stonkin stuffers, too, so that’s on track.

I’ve got a solution for the kitty box problem; the problem is that the box is currently in the hall bathtub because I use flushable litter and there’s no room outside the tub. It’ll have to move to my office closet, so I got a big mat. But then I’ll need to transfer stuff for disposal, nuts. So I’ll have to figure how that’ll work.

I’ve also got lots of cables and adapters, because thanks to Apple, I now require a Lightning charging solution. Went to 2 tech stores and an organizer/gadget store to get that done.

I’m pooped, I had to break for lunch and to rehydrate. I don’t feel like stopping at the grocery store but I have to.

I have stupidly mundane problems.

It’s cold, snowy, and it’s getting dark soon. Gotta go.

Tour De Cure 2014: Help Me Raise Funds to help STOP diabetes

I’m riding 35 miles in the Chicagoland Tour de Cure this June to raise money to help STOP diabetes. I’m also riding to support my husband +David Gibbs in his own ride – he’s the leader of Team RED. Tour de Cure is a major fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association.

I’m also riding because it’s fun, and great exercise. I’ll be training over the winter in our basement, and I’ll get training stats up on STRAVA, a fitness social media site.

If I raise just $100 by Friday, I qualify for an “In Training” T-shirt. So please consider helping me achieve my second goal (my first goal is to ride 20 miles on the trainer and post it on STRAVA).


Here’s a link to my fundraising page. David has a cool mapping feature enabled, with code he wrote, to show contributions from all over the world. That’ll be displayed on the map page, so I’m looking forward to seeing that update.

Bonus: legs or hot dogs? Well, this is after I fell over during a group ride earlier in Elgin with the Chicagoland Bicycling Group (CBG).