Shopping Makes Me Cry, In Addition To Making Me Die A Little Inside

According to online clothes retailer Marisota, fifteen percent have cried over being too fat, and ten from being too skinny. A large percentage of women often dwell on their own sizes while shopping and get upset when their “funny shape” direct quote prevents them from looking like Christina Hendricks in a pencil skirt.

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I have a hate/hate/HATE relationship with shopping, clothes, and “fashion.” I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve gone shopping with girlfriends; first of all, I don’t really have any local, close women friends since moving to Illinois outside of family. But even my close friends, who ironically are all in distant places, never went shopping with me, because I avoid shopping like the plague.

One of my guilty pleasures used to be watching “What Not To Wear,” because the 360-degree mirrored room absolutely horrified me. I used to wonder what it would be like to be subjected to that kind of “fashion emergency intervention,” and I imagine I’d probably have a shrieking, swearing meltdown on camera, refuse to consent to appear on the show, and refuse to speak to anyone involved in setting it up for the rest of my life. Yet secretly, I always enjoyed the episodes where someone with “potential” was freed from their self-limiting perceptions and transformed in a really organic and authentic way. I used to grumble, however, at how the only people with “potential” were always women with good bone structure, thick but manageable hair, and an hourglass shape.

I have none of these things – a bland, round and shapeless face, thin floppy hair, and a schlumpfy bottom-heavy pear shape that NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING flatters or improves, and I have thick legs and cankles, too. I just recently discovered that What Not To Wear returns January 3. I might secretly watch again… but if I do, I’d like to see more women with LITTLE to NO apparent potential – because that’s a more an interesting transformation.

Another thing – so often they pick women who’d recently lost weight. I’d like them to do more on women who’ve gained weight, or who’ve never been thin. I’d like them to do more on women who’ve never thought of themselves as pretty or attractive, or who’ve been told all their lives they’re ugly, or . From some of the more recent transformations on their website, maybe they’ve done that more since I last watched.

I’d like them to really take on a challenge – a plain, big-boned woman with irregular features, self-image issues, weird coloring, and absolutely no need for dressy clothes at all.

Not me, though. Some OTHER schlumph. I’d be much too angry and horrified to go on with it. I read once that there was at least one person who absolutely refused to participate; I’d definitely be inclined to refuse (with a side of screaming epithets) if it ever happened to me.

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Makes Me Cry, In Addition To Making Me Die A Little Inside

  1. I hate shopping for clothes as well, but that’s just because I’m very picky about my clothes and when combined with the fact that I’m fat and tall it makes the experience all the more frustrating. It’s not even a fashion issue. I stopped giving a shit about being fashionable back when I was a teenager and it became apparent that I had the fashion sense of a potato. It’s more of a holy-crap-this-costs-way-too-much-but-it’s-the-only-shirt-that-doesn’t-make-me-itch issue.

    But mirrors don’t bother me. I accepted that I’m fat and plain looking some time ago. I’m also married so there’s only one person at the moment whose criticisms of my looks I worry about and she thinks I look pretty good in almost anything. So that helps.

  2. I’m picky too, and even when I’m not having “I hate myself! UGH” firestorms in the dressing room, if what I’m trying on doesn’t feel right, or is cut in the wrong way for my tastes I won’t buy it. I can’t stand lightweight, cheap feeling knits, and I don’t care for patterns, detail fripperies, and foo foo stuff.

    Something tells me you’re not into ruffles either, Les. 😉

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