Most Stringently Cold Here

It’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit here and snowing. We were going to go out with the cameras but so far it’s a coffee-in-bed day. The new heated mattress pad has been getting heavy use; David leaves it on all day during the week so Riley can stay cozy under the covers while the automatic thermostat lowers the temp til we get home.

Here’s a wonderful blog I found following Chris’ recent kind comment; it’s a collection of wartime love letters.

It is still most stringently cold here. Last night we had a heavy fall of snow; today the temperature is very low with alternating showers of snow and glimpses of anaemic sunlight. I seem to be getting used to the cold however and we have learned how to make the stove in our billet burn most of the night so that getting up in the morning is no longer completely petrifying as Jean [his youngest sister-in-law] would say. I am rejoicing in the hirsute warmth of the heavy underwear I have been carrying around for so long, and am using my new scarf constantly.

via Letters from the past: Tuesday 9 January, 1944.

At this very moment there sits on my desk a shoebox full of the letters between Mom and Pop from when they were engaged but living in different towns in Colorado, separated by mountain passes and winding, two-lane highways.

I wanted to blog them before, but it was a little too soon after Mom passed, so they’ve been sitting there. Maybe soon… In the meantime, enjoy reading Chris’ project, “Letters From The Past.”

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2 thoughts on “Most Stringently Cold Here

  1. Pop wrote this? I always thought he was in Colorado Springs. And his “youngest sister-in-law Jean???” He had one brother, Bob but I don’t remember Bob’s wife’s name. Share more!!

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