Stately Moans: Successful Event Planning (Except For Ducks)

Thank goodness Doris is back on the blogbeat, recounting the triumphs and challenges of stately manor management… and the possibility of committing nursery crimes, encountering ducks bent on debauchery, and the utter indispensability of a Lovely Warden.

Stately Moans: Successful Event Planning, the Stately Moans Way

I hastened to reassure bemused visitors and volunteers alike that we did not actually erect the marquee in the moat and that it must have blown in. After the tenth repetition I got bored with that and started telling people it was for a duck wedding instead.

Well, it was a lovely party, except for the aftermath. By my count, this is the third marquee destroyed on the estate to date.  Pity the poor ducks, though: unable to commit matrimony.

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