Buttars: Possibly The Stupidest Legislator in America

State Sen. Chris Butters, R-SomeBraindeadConstituency, UT, has said some stupid things before, but this takes the cake:

Salt Lake Tribune – Buttars’ racial slur leads to rebuke, apology

It’s a good thing Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, isn’t running for president of the United States. He had a macaca moment on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon.”This baby is black It’s a dark ugly thing,” Buttars remarked during vigorous debate about SB48, legislation aimed at equalizing school capital outlay funding when school districts split.

Buttars’ blunder outlasted debate on the bill. After senators returned from a 10-minute break, Senate President John Valentine, R-Orem, said there had been a breach of decorum and gave Buttars the floor.

“I made a comment that a lot of people could take racist. I didn’t mean it that way,” Buttars said. “I apologize to anyone who took offense. I got my mouth ahead of my brain.”

Racist, AND stupid, AND uneducated: the Utah State Legislature’s triple threat.


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2 thoughts on “Buttars: Possibly The Stupidest Legislator in America

  1. And – the stupid voters in Utah will keep him in office because he is a Republican and that’s all their tunnel vision can see. They’d vote for Hitler if he were alive and were a Republican.

  2. “They’d vote for Hitler if he were alive and were a Republican….”

    …AND a trueblue with a set of chaps and a REC-ommend.

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