Got it sorted

Needed some spacing and line break tweaks to avoid invoking the Smiley of Head-Shaking Disbelief.

Oh, and that reminds me, I should think about re-applying clickable smileys again.

One quirk of iTunes and ecto and WMPtunelog now is that I have to stop and restart the music to get multiple music citations in the same post. I am one fierce tweaking twiddling diva. I am not yet worthy to be a Liberal Peace-Mongering Ninja, however. I was invited to take part in the event, but had that urgent family nosh event to attend.

Now listening:
♫ KT Tunstall:Suddenly I See: Eye to the Telescope [ 3:21 ]
Now listening:
♫ :Star Trek Fight Music: [ 1:55 ]

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4 thoughts on “Got it sorted

  1. Hey! Automatic alternating colored backgrounds are enabled! Did I do that, or is that Talian (3C Right)

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