Flickr: Help: Blogging

Flickr: Help: Blogging

How do I post photos to my blog?   First you’ll have to configure an external blog, (do that here). You’ll be guided through the set-up process, and at the end you can try a test post to make sure everything works.

When that’s done, you can blog any public photo you see on Flickr. When you’re looking at a single photo, for example,, you’ll see a “Blog This” button above it.

Note: If you don’t see the “Blog This” button, you probably need to make the photo public (click “edit” next to the privacy indicator under “Additional Information” on the photo’s page).

Click the “Blog This” button for the photo you want to post. If you’ve set up your blog, you can post immediately by adding a title and body for the post. There’s a link to your blog as well so you can check that the entry looks OK.

You can set up as many blogs as you like.

You can also create your own Flickr moblog. When you upload a photo to Flickr via email, and you have at least one blog set up in Flickr, we can post your photo to your blog automatically. Check your settings here.

For the record, I don’t use Flickr’s new moblog setup  – mine is done old skool, with a combination of “email to Flickr” and “Flickr Blog This” settings. I’ve been meaning to check out the newer method, but the old one works just fine, with the occasional tweak or re-creation when I change blog templates or switch from one blogging platform to the other.

I have several blogs configured to use Flickr – Razzberry Vinaigrette is a Blogger one that I use as an occasional backup to this one, but is mostly a photoblog for specfic photos I want to highlight.

I don’t use Flickr as my photo database, but if they went casters up, I’d have a lot of dead image links that would have to be fixed. That’s not very likely at all, though they might offer some kind of migration tools, as Yahoo Photos is doing for its users before it closes in September (since they merged with Flickr, the latter service will probably get the lion’s share)

Note to self: Flickr/Yahoo/our broadband service are linked, and if I were migrating photos to Flickr from Yahoo Photos, as a broadband subscriber I’d have free “pro” status on Flickr for as long as we’re broadband subscribers. My annual “pro” account is up next month (I got a paid subscription around the time of the London terror bombings 2 years ago) and it might be worth a call to customer service to see if I could talk them into it.

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3 thoughts on “Flickr: Help: Blogging

  1. My testing (and thank you for your support) indicates the camera-to-Flickr-to-blog setup is pretty damned slick. Worth playing with. You get a separate e-mail address to send to, so you can make the choice with any given photo whether you want it *just* on Flickr, or on Flickr and the blog.

    My biggest (so to speak) issue was the photo sizing. Still need to play some more with that.

  2. Yes, the sizing could be improved – they have several standard options, but I actually wanted to set things up so that it put moblog pictures in at no more than 400 pixels wide. Their standard sizes are either a thumbnail, or 500 pixels. After some helpless flailing, I eventually settled for tweaking this template so that it didn’t cut off the right margin.

    But as you see, I grabbed a few images tonight on my way home. It’s slick, it’s quick, and it’s fun.

  3. I got around the sizing for the moment. The only pics I’m posting to Flickr (for now) are from my cell phone, and they’re a standard size. So I chose a bigger size in Flickr and tweaked the template to drop it down to the desired dimensions.

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