Not So Funny

Police: Gunman in JSC shooting feared losing his job | – Houston Chronicle

At the time, it looked like the "man with a gun at NASA" story would end peacefully, so I made a bad joke and turned to other stories in the news. 

It didn't.

It's not so funny now, I readily admit.  I'm don't know if the NASA gunman snapped because of all the news this week about the shootings at Virginia Tech, but if he was that close to the edge, the incessant coverage couldn't have helped his mental state. 

Yes, there've been a lot of "copycat-like" incidents at schools this week – people are a bit jumpy and anything that resembles a campus shooter or someone "going postal" is going to make the news.  

Maybe it would be best if the wall-to-wall VT/Cho coverage was reduced to fresh revelations and thoughtful analysis only, instead of incessant re-hashing of all the horrors. Who knows who else out there is ready to crack?


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