Riley’s Big Adventure

It wasn’t really a big deal, just a yearly trip to the vet. However, it’s already been blogged over at Rileycat.

Afterwards, much petting. Riley’s in great health and we found that the chip that he had is one of the brands our vet, the Arlington Cat Clinic, carries. So we’ll re-register it at last under our name – we mislaid the form a while back so it’s good that we got around to that at last. The brand name is “Avid” and apparently we can’t register that
one online, so David’s mailing the form today.

He was pretty subdued at the vet, displaying flattened ears to indicate fear and stress. The vet laughed and called them “airplane ears,” something I used to call it myself when I was a kid and my childhood cat, Beebee, was annoyed.

A couple of things the vet told us to remember: if we don’t want him to wake us at the crack of dawn, we should gradually wean him of canned food in the mornings, and increase the amount of canned food at night by the same amount. And we have to continue to be vigilant about matters of le cadeau du chat.

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