I Don’t Wanna Have No Babies, But You Go Ahead If You Want

Apparently, using the gay marriage issue to rally the rabidly religious Right in 2004 wasn’t enough. New for 2006: The brand new Anti Gay Adoption Extravaganza!

I don’t want kids of my own, but I support the right of anyone who does want to have them, by any legal means. And by legal, I mean by not kidnapping them, or swiping embryos, or anything like that.

I don’t mean by being gay and wanting to have children by adoption. That should be legal, but a number of states don’t allow it (including Florida and of course Utah). And it seems that at least 16 more states will be floggging this political horse in the next election.

It’s so *fscking* cynical.

Personally, the sooner that people on the rabid Right figure out that they have loved ones who are gay, the more they’re going to back away from this headlong drive to restrict their rights or “reform” them.

I know gay people who have children, and one or two people who were raised by gay parents. The people on the Right who get all exercise obviously don’t know anyone like this personally, or they would realize what a fallacy it is to call gay adoption a “menace.”

Via ***Dave, who says “Feh” to all of this.

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