Today’s The Big Day


Tickets: $12.00 senior/students/advance, $15.00 at the door.

Synergy’s concert at Holy Moly is today at 4pm – the musicians will arrive some hours before that and I have a few errands to run and chores to do after church. It’s going to be an exhausting but fun day, and I’m really curious to see how many people turn up after my various attempts to get the word out.

I was listening to their CDs “Transmissions” and “Baroque and Renaissance” last night and was struck again at the high quality of their musicianship – it’s exciting to be able to host them at this stage of their career, because I feel like they could go to the very top rank any time.

I wish that more of my family and friends could come to this, but a quick poll a few weeks back revealed that I’ve probably picked the worst possible weekend of the year (other than Labor Day weekend) to try to put on a concert, as everyone that has been able to come in the past had plans or had unexpected stuff happening this week. Argh!

Well, I think I got the word out to some of the people in the local brass-choir and musician communities, so we’ll just have to see.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s The Big Day

  1. Girl – you need a vacation!! You need to spend time with your Utah family and unwind and laugh. Get stoooopid with the cousins and laugh. Remember family stuff and laugh. Looking forward to seeing you —- wish you could stay longer! Love ya, Tim-Tim

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