How Not To Start A Legal Career

Newly graduating law students, take note: double check the email address of that friend of yours that already has a job in a legal firm before sending them a rant about your impending job search.

Reinder Eekhof, a freshly minted lawyer, recently wrote in an e-mail that he had “finally finished this stupid education,” and was “now looking for someone crazy enough to dump a suitcase full of money in my lap every month.”

The e-mail was meant for a friend at the Houthoff Buruma law firm. But Eekhof mistyped the address and his missive landed in the inbox of someone in the communications department instead.

I would not recommend this course of action for any law students of my acquaintance. Although apparently several firms to want to interview Eekhof, though maybe so they can have a jolly laugh in the partners’ lounge over drinks later.

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