You Can Almost See The Frickin’ Laser Beams


Every picture tells a story – either Putin just offered to play a friendly game of “Global Thermonuclear Conflict” with Condi, or the death rays in his eyes are about to pop her head like a giant, well-coiffed kernel of Iowa popcorn. Or maybe he’s thinking “you look all hot in that little ice-skating outfit, Conduszhka.” As Pops commented later, “That sort of a specific desire is exactly the reason why Jesus invented PhotoShop.”

From Pops’ Bucket via TBogg.

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6 thoughts on “You Can Almost See The Frickin’ Laser Beams

  1. “Yow” as in laser beams, or “Yow” as “that Putin guy is sorta hawt in a baldly geeky post-Soviet kinda way?”

  2. Heh! Thanks. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go track down that errant tag that’s making us all scream our heads off.

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