We Hates The Yankees!

We Hates Them, We Hates Them, We Hates Them Forever!

I don’t know. All I can tell you is that for those of us who have felt like we never got to have any fun because the Yankees hogged it all, it was pretty fun. No pinstripes at the World Series? I can get behind that.

I can totally get behind that, too.

Now, I’m a transplanted Seattelite living in the Chicago suburbs. The only baseball team I could ever get excited about is the Mariners, because for one shining season in 1995 everything clicked, even when Griffey was out on an injury. Everyone else stepped up and played their hearts out, and we had a team to get behind. I was playing on a coed softball team, we sucked, but we used to go to Mariners games in the old Kingdome. We’d take mitts and everything. We were girl baseball nerds (those of us that were female, anyway).

And that goddamn David Cone and those goddamn Yankees killed us that season, when it looked like we might go all the way. They went on to the Series, we groused. The next year, slightly different circumstances, slightly different personnel, but we got knocked out of post-season by the Texas Rangers. So I don’t love me some Texas teams either, even though at least one former Mariner got traded there for at least one season and did very well.

Since moving here, I totally fail to get with the Cubbiemania. I work with Cubs fans, I work with White Sox fans, I’ve been to one Cubs game, and I just don’t feel the love.

However, right now, I’m loving the Red Sox, because they killed the goddamn Yankees. I didn’t watch one of their games, because frankly I had other things to do. But every morning I’d hear the news on the radio and snuggle happily down into the covers in the pre-dawn darkness, and hope that the next morning there would be more good happy snuggly news.

These last four mornings have been pretty nice for the happy snuggling thing.

The thing is, I am so rooting for the Cards too, because I can’t stand the thought of a Massachusetts team going up against a Texas team in an election year, when both states have a guy in the World Series of American Politics. On the one hand, how very cool if Boston and Kerry both win. How very, deeply, insufferaby annoying if both the Astros and Bushco win. How symbolic of our deeply divided nation if it’s a split decision.

How totally sha-weet if the Astros get killed by the Cards today.

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2 thoughts on “We Hates The Yankees!

  1. ahhh. thanks for the across the atlantic update on the downfall of the Astros. No Texas vs. Mass in baseball this year. Leave that battle for the loonies…. 😉

  2. No matter which side of the issue we’re on, that would have been incredibly annoying – plus I think the journalistas shouldn’t just have clever “hooks” handed to them, they have to work a little harder to think them up.