Bishop Gene: Gagged, or Gag-making

This makes me sick to the stomach and sad, but The Lead was kind enough to link here in their post.

The Lead
The Archbishop of Canterbury has denied the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire permission to preach or preside at the Eucharist during his visits to England this year

No word on whether the appearance with Sir Ian McKellen is still planned, or if it already happened, as it wasn’t dated when I blogged about it before.

Sir Ian McKellen: Gandalf In An Emphatically Pointed Hat

Yes, I’m a major Tolkien fan. Yes, I’m a liberrrl Anglo-Cat’lick Episcopalian. Yes, I cried when I read this. I make no apologies.

Sir Ian McKellen becomes bishop for a day – Telegraph

Never one to shy away from controversy, Sir Ian McKellen is secretly plotting to launch a campaign to shame the Anglican Church over its refusal to give equal rights to homosexual clergy.

In an act of solidarity with the Rt Rev Gene Robinson, the Church’s first openly homosexual bishop, the celebrated actor intends to read out a sermon written by the prelate, who has been barred from the landmark Lambeth Conference this summer that is seeking to prevent a schism over the issue.

Standing alongside the bishop, who will remain silent throughout, the star of The Lord of the Rings will deliver a broadside against the Church’s attitude to homosexuals with the kind of passion and force normally reserved for his performances on the stage.