I'm A Red Rider, I Ride With Diabetes

It's weird how life can slap you around a little; everything changes with a phone call from your doctor's office.

For me, it was a call from a physician's assistant, informing me that my recent. A1C and blood glucose tests were back, and the results were not unexpected.

I'm diabetic. But with my family history and sedentary lifestyle, I was kidding myself that I'd dodge that bullet.

I'm Type II, and no medication prescribed as yet. I'm currently checking my "numbers" with daily home blood tests and using various fitness apps and gadgets to track activity, carbs, and calories.

After the first test (there was a second round) my doctor wanted to see me lose weight, so what the hey, +David Gibbs got me a fitness tracker and I started using My Fitness Pal to figure out diet and nutrition. So I'd already lost a few pounds when the results of the second test came back after Christmas.

As it happens, I'm married to the captain of Team Red Chicago, and rode in last year's #TourdeCure (a fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association). I was already planning to ride again this year. So my hero-husband got me set up with a Red Rider jersey, a bike trainer rig in the spare bedroom, and a placeholder website that re-directs to my page on the official ADA fundraising site.

Red Riders in the Tour de Cure are people with diabetes, who get shout-outs as they ride along. David is also a Red Rider, and so are a lot of other amazing people we've met since David was diagnosed a few years ago. The first time he rode, we were amazed by how much support there was, for people of all abilities, not just "elite" cyclists.

I'm not in shape (yet), but I've committed to riding 40 miles at the event in June, and to raising at least $2000.00USD to help stop diabetes. I think I'll be able to get myself sorted out so that 3-4 hours in the saddle (with breaks) won't be an issue.

I could sure use some support and good wishes, though!

My placeholder page will have more pictures and have some other stuff that the official page won't have, like a world map of donor locations, so if this post could be shared, I'd appreciate it.

I'm on Twitter, Strava and My Fitness Pal as GinnyRED57, so look me up, I could sure use the company on this journey.


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