Can Haz Beep? Illinois I-PASS Transponders May Bring Back the BEEP! BEEP!

We both have transponders, and the original one used to make a cheerful BEEP! as we passed through the old-style I-PASS tollbooths. A few years ago, while Blago was still governor, Illinois started installing high speed scan lanes, and phased out the old transponders as they were no longer being made.

I admit, we used to say BEEP back to the transponder. We also meow at each other like a certain pair of actors in an obscure science fiction show, but that’s another post.

When the time comes to replace either transponder (one in each of our two cars) we’ll see if we can haz the BEEP! BEEP! again.

Do you ever feel that you and your I-PASS transponder just aren’t talking anymore? Are you tired of those tense, icy silences on drives?The Illinois tollway could have the solution to get you and your device on speaking terms again. Plans are under way to reintroduce transponders that beep when drivers successfully pay tolls and also communicate the status of I-PASS accounts, administrators said at a Thursday meeting.

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