Lacy Night

As rain shifts to snow, mushy morning rush is forecast —

Afternoon rains turned to snow Monday evening as a storm expected to bring around 6 inches of snow moved into the Chicago area.

It started snowing around 2pm today. In spite of grumbling about the cold and the piles of grey, frozen blocks of slush along the margins of the roads, I really love how pretty everything gets after a few hours of snow.

Big fat flakes came down as I drove home, and it was starting to “stick” on the parking lot and not melt away. A couple of hours later, we had more than 2 inches. And now we’ve got about 3 1/2 inches, just wet enough to stick to every little branch and twig, delineating every line of bark on the trees and covering the ugly half-melted dirty grey stuff with pretty, clean, fluffy snow.  So I pulled on a pair of winter shoes and walked around the block.

The trees looked like lace curtains, hanging in every direction as far as you could see.

Lovely. Just lovely. It made that nice crrrrunch-crrrrunch noise with every step, and occasionally when I walked over a shelf of ice on the sidewalks, it crackled and made a deeper KA-RONK! KA-RONK! noise.

One neighbor was out shoveling her drive on the other side of the block.
“Are we tired of the snow yet?”  I asked as I ka-ronked along.

“I like the snow,” she said with a smile as she cleared her drive old-school.

“I do, too.” Ka-ronk, ka-ronk, ka-ronk.

I’d told David to come after me if I wasn’t back in 10 minutes, and was a little worried that I’d get back to the house only to see his footprints following mine, but he was still watching an old “Enterprise” re-run (first season, Captain Archer was still a sunny optimist).  I got back in plenty of time, and before too many other neighbors decided to fire up their snowblowers and spoil the nice lacy night.

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