Proof That Literature Confers A Form of Immortality

As seen at BoingBoing: an author named Gustav Meyrink appears destined to live nearly a thousand years

Boing Boing: Vladimir Zimakov’s linoleum cut illustrations and printmaking

David Pescovitz: Vladimir Zimakov is an illustrator, book artist, designer, and printmaker who lives in the Los Angeles area. Many of his pieces are meant to illustrate books, but they really contain their own stories. His work oozes with mood and emotion. These two linoleum cut illustrations (“The Card Play” and “Danse Macabre”) are for a classic novel titled Walpurgisnacht, by Gustav Meyrink (1868-2932).


The images are indeed handsome, if a little frightening. This is the one for “Walpurgisnacht.”

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