Salt Lake Tribune – A lot to improve

Salt Lake Tribune – A lot to improve

I am writing to agree with S.J. Moormeister's sentiments (Forum, April 3) hoping for a productive interfaith dialogue between Mormons and those of other beliefs in Utah. I also lament the tensions that General Conference protesters and DVD distributors have aroused. But, the Mormon cultural, social and political dominance in Utah has contributed to the fact that no such dialogue is taking place. From the intolerance seen in certain state legislators to the religious divisions in society beginning with grade-school children, Utah has a lot to improve on.

The LDS Church, with its power in Utah, is perfectly positioned to initiate such dialogue and promote tolerance, though it hasn't yet happened to any meaningful degree. Instead, many non-Mormon Utahns feel that they are either a potential convert, or quickly forgotten. Cooperative dialogue requires respect for the beliefs of others, a simple concept that could heal many divisions within Utah. Jason Kane Salt Lake City

I'm still struggling with issues that stem from my treatment during childhood as a "notty" kid. I was not LDS, I was not like the other  kids, and I was not included in a lot of after-school social events because I had made it clear that I was not convert material.  

There's still a fair amount of lingering resentment and even now I take a little too much pleasure in skewering what I view as the "simpering hypocrisy of the true believers." I'd like to think that I can get over this someday, and that Utah's people can too.

Good luck to this dialogue, if it happens. 

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One thought on “Salt Lake Tribune – A lot to improve

  1. Every year at the general conference the leaders of the LDS church tell their flock to be more tolerant of others. It works for a few days and then it back to “we are the chosen ones” The church still “runs” the state and always will. Look within our own family and see how being a mormon changes people. Respecting others beliefs is one thing. Trying to cram your beliefs down other’s throats is something else. The MERLOT license plate is a good example. They also have a Merlot Way in SLC- wonder how long it will take the self-righteous to get that changed!! I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to change Masonic Circle!!!! “And the beat goes on”… Ladedadeda!! Ya gotta live here to see how things really are!!

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