The Nuts Would Clog The Nozzle

Hey, I’m no rocket scientist, but I found the thought of candy-powered model rocketry pretty appealing:

Rocket Food – Popular Science

But you can liberate the same amount of energy in much less time by mixing the Snickers with a more concentrated source of oxygen—say, the potent oxidizer potassium perchlorate. The result is basically rocket fuel. Ig?nited on an open fireproof table, it burns vigorously, consuming an entire candy bar in a few seconds with a rushing tower of fire. If you could bottle the energy of kids playing and turn it into a Molotov cocktail, this is what it would look like.
Of course, you can’t actually fire a rocket with a Snickers bar; the nuts would clog the nozzle. Oreo cookie filling, however, works very nicely in standard model-rocket engines. (Caution: The Model Rocket Safety Code does not approve of filling rocket motors with highly reactive chlorate-Oreo mixtures.)

“The nuts would clog the nozzle.” Darn it, thought we had a brand-new energy source all lined up. I was all set to design hybrid rocket cars powered by Snickers Midnight Dark candy bars, too.

Darn those nuts, anyway. They hate our freedom.

Saw this on Boing Boing.

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