Ricky Gervais’ Big Chance Missed

Golden Globe winner Ricky Gervais missed his chance today to connect with American public radio listeners.

Yes, when Whad’Ya Know? called, Mr Gervais was not at home to Mr. Feldman. So they called some guy whose diner they ate at when they did a road show in the area.

It’s a live radio show, and Michael was justifiably disappointed, noting that for once they had managed to book an actual celebrity, instead of some guy that wrote an obscure but quirky book.

Oh, wait! As I’m listening in the second hour, they’ve gotten ahold of Ricky Gervais… no. Actually, they’ve reached an artist named Jerry from Michigan, who makes sculptures of diners. This is more like it. He owns “Rosie’s Diner.”

Gee, for an artist, he sure has a craptacular website, but maybe that’s deliberate. Art should always disturb.

Now he’s talking to some guy in the audience who’s a Transylvanian Unitarian minister, but there’s a Hungarian blogging connection.

Ricky, all this could have been yours.

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