Now If Only They’d Outlaw Spam

Within the legal limits: At least one legislator promises to vote against any bills targeting poker houses. "What I know about those clubs is that you are not gambling," said Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, who has played at Big SLC on three occasions, but is obviously uncomfortable talking about it. "I enjoy poker. . . . Recreationally, of course. . . . Within the legal limits," he said between long pauses. The clubs "deserve as little government intervention as any other law-abiding club or group." Former Republican legislator David Zolman plays once a week and ranks in the top 20 at Big SLC Poker. "It is purely for the entertainment value, and sometimes prizes, but no money games are played."

Ooop, those legislative boys are going to change their tune real fast, because word has come down from on high that gambling is a sin. That 'squeek-squeek' sound you hear is that of their legislative tricycles hastily being slammed into reverse. That's not going to stop my mom and her cronies from riding the Fun Bus to Wendover (April 16! With CyberSlut Bingo!), though. And as a public service to all those members of my family that drive up to Malad to buy lottery tickets, the SL Trib publishes the Idaho Lottery results. Timmy: that particular Fun Bus is probably NOT the one full of little old blue haired ladies looking to gamble their bowling pot winnings. It's to benefit the Gay Men's Meth Crisis Utah. But maybe she'd like to give it a whirl, because it's probably going to be a real adventure, along the lines of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." If Utah succeeds in cracking down on Texass Hold Them, Poke Her they are welcome to outlaw spam (why yes, I'm getting a lot of spam from online casinos, why do you ask?).

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