Uhh-Boy, New Toy

Steve called to tempt us: the nearby Verizon store had some new cell phones and our wireless contracts were up, or nearly up. So we made the rendezvous at the phone store, after stopping off at a huge new tile store and thinking evil thoughts about a future DIY tiled backsplash project.

Evil! Evil! Projects are evil! But there were some very nice examples there, and a lot of selection. Even David was impressed, and he usually views the early warning signs of a new household project with scepticism.

Anyway, there wee were shopping for phones. It’s dangerous to shop for things with Steve, because he’s usually after top-of-the-line electronica gear and whizbang cool gadgets. Sometimes we get pulled along in his wake, like a spaceborne flotilla of refugee ships hitching a ride into hyperspace as seen in Star Wars, Battleship Galactica, and maybe Babylon 5.

After some geekly discussion, during which the sales guy decided Steve and David were cool enough to be shown a new model that goes on the market tomorrow, we decided very quickly.

Yep, we’re all three probably getting the exact same phone model. I don’t usually get sucked into hyperspace along with David, but this time… it was such a good deal (oh God, if Steve were a shopping shark, we’d be his remorae).

Nope, we’re probably not getting the brand new model that comes out tomorrow – there was another phone that was a lot less that had the features I wanted, and the other two saw it and jumped ship on the kewl new phone for the older model I’d decided on. They had some technical objection to the new model – something about not having tri-band.

::kittymode:: Whatever!

And it’s one of those bloody camera phones.

I was actually going for a different one, but then David pointed the less expensive one out. After playing with them both, I was done shopping – the cheaper phone was much easier to use.

And way, way easy to take quick snaps. Uh-ohhhhh.

Be afraid for this blog. Be very afraid of this blog. It’s going to get even worse around here Real Soon.

At least it’s not a phone AND a videogame. I don’t want to look like a total side-talkin’ idiot (warning – cheesy musical effect, scroll to bottom to shut it off).

Oh. Wait. Darn.

It’s got Tetris. Heh.

But I’m not sidetalkin’, and that’s fer damn sure.

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