Blogon Poetry Smackdown

Like everyone else in the blogoverse, I find the statistics of my own page weirdly diverting and entertaining. Also, it’s free blogfodder, so there nyaaaah.

And here is my first poem. ::clearing throat::

“Why Moon is Better than Mars”

why moon is better than mars:
cabinet war room dance.
winning an argument for kids…
elecia battle guilty verdict.

Well, that probably didn’t cause anyone to drop dead, so here’s another one:

“signs of frozen pipes toilet”

Signs of frozen pipes toilet,
frozen pipe to toilet.

Frozen pipe stories,
frozen pipes in garage picture.

Frozen vinyl tube plumbing –
what to do about frozen indoor pipes?

So there’s my poetry. I hope you liked it (if you are not retching in the corner).

And thankfully, that’s all the Blogon poetry until next month.

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