“I Showed You Yours, Now You Show Me Mine.”

Note to self — must find memory card with nude shot of me and delete it because david would not let me take recipocal reciprocal nude picture of him.

Second note to self — probably not good idea to drink pint of Fuller’s ESB AND half bottle of molto deliszioso Pinot Grigio in same evening.

My handwriting was adversely affected by all the alcohol coursing merrily through my veins that evening. It’s kind of hard to convey this in a post without it looking like it was run through a spammer’s reverse-spellchecker (how many ways can you spell Viagra? Well, there’s 6 letters, but the first and last letters have to be V and a in that order, so you really only have combinations of 4 letters to work out… I was told there was no math in non-tech “humor” blogging, so I’ll stop there).

The day’s touristic Bataan deathmarch activities (and a LOT of links and pictures to same) are detailed in the next entry, which will be added once I get the images cut down to a reasonable size. There are so many, I may just do small thumbnails. We’ll see.

Anyway, I do remember that I was not just 3 sheets to the wind, but full sail before a following gale. David was tacking heavily and in danger of going bottoms-up or running aground – he can still count the number of times he’s been intoxicated in his life on one hand.

I, on the other other other other other other hand, need a lot more hands for that calculation. College was a lot of fun. Although I didn’t take any math classes worth mentioning, thus the need for manual-digital calculation.

Anyway, we overdid it being tourists during the day, leading to overdoing it being lushes and gourmands that evening. But we’ll get caught up in the next entry, so no important travel experience was lost.

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