Linkdump: September 1st – September 5th

National Annoy Your Co-Workers With Your Offspring Day

It’s the most underwhelming office holiday of the year: it started out being a feminist holiday to encourage daughters to dream of careers. Now it’s devolved into an excuse to bring your kid to work instead of dropping him/her off at school or daycare. Most years, the kids are kept busy with activities. Some years, the designated wranglers drop the ball and the l’il dollinks wander around on their own or in packs. This year seems to be in the latter vein – a couple of boys have been mooching around on the work floor looking bored and have had to be herded back to where they’re supposed to be. But this one kid keeps evading the sweep, even though he’s been challenged by a couple of people with a friendly “Are you lost?” or “Can I take you back to the activity room?” At least he doesn’t seem to be playing on the elevator as happened in a previous year.

And here comes that kid again, for the fourth or fifth time or sixth time. I’m going to lunch.

UPDATE:Back. While at lunch, I stopped at the jewelry fair set up in the atrium – I’ve bought stuff there before – but they may have lost a sale. While browsing, the lady brightened when she saw me and cried out “Madam! I believe I saw your daughter!” Yep, all us red-heads are assumed to be related. “Oh, she was not your daughter? Do you have a daughter?”


“I don’t have children.” I smiled and turned away. Not shopping today.

As I came back to my desk, the entire herd was gathered at my desk. Horrors! But it appears I just missed the tour, as they moved on without trampling my desk or getting cooties on my stuff.

By the way, I’ve really enjoying the last couple of days at work. I checked with my TL, and it’s okay to listen to music on headphones while waiting for a call – it’s such a blessing to be able to mechanically tune out all the rowl-de-dowl around me. I do love my iPhone/iPod.