Makeovers for Redheads

Hey, Kuri at is another member of the Redheaded Band.

She had a makeover done at MAC in Japan.

I wonder how their colors “suitable for redheads” stack up against the Just For Redheads ones?

I had a makeover (or my colors analyzed) years ago (actually, two different times, in different towns) and the result was the same for both: I ended up with a very limited palette of colors to choose from, because my eye color and hair color are in different “seasons,” and was also told that I’d always have trouble finding foundation light enough for my complexion.

I’ve been pretty happy with the JFR products, but their packaging is pretty cheesy (they claim it’s a cost-savings measure). I used to use Garden Botanika back in the days when they still had retail stores… I used to drop in to the shop at Westlake Center in Seattle every month or so.

I might try out some of their new eyeshadows some time for old time’s sake…

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