AG Barr under scrutiny for role in ouster of U.S. Attorney in New York

Chuck Rosenberg and Frank Figliuzzi join Andrea Mitchell to discuss the weekend firing of U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, who’s office in the Southern District of New York had conducted investigations into some of President Trump’s allies.
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Lake Michigan’s deadly ‘freak wave’ of 1954 is Chicago folklore. Turns out it was a meteotsunami. And they happen pretty often. – Chicago Tribune

As beach season approaches, research suggests Chicago is pummeled by more meteotsunamis — an obscure type of wave that can crash ashore for many minutes at a time and pose dangers to swimmers and boaters — than anywhere else in the Great Lakes.
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Zagg Keyboard Key Replacement for Apple iPad Mini –

Zagg Keyboard Key Replacement for Apple iPad Mini, 100% OEM keyboard keys, Easy To Install With Video Repair Guide, Perfect Fit & Finish, Fix Your Laptop Today! Laptop Keys
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Just ordered a replacement R key, and boy was that harrrrrd to type. I hope I followed the right path for my iPad Mini.