If It Isn’t On Strava, It Didn’t Happen

I messed up getting one of my 2 rides Saturday into Strava, it was only partial because I forgot to turn my Garmin computer-tracking thingy on. Then this ride doesn’t show up in the widget on the right column, because later that day I decided to jump on my fitness bike that’s now up on the trainer, and apparently it doesn’t get captured or something to WordPress.

It’s on Strava, it did happen. I rode for an entire hour, pretty hard. It went quickly because I had music going and ended up snagging some songs for iTunes to go in a “cycling” playlist. Thank God for KUNC’s all-music stream. Feel free to donate to them, too.

specialized hybrid bicycle on training stand

Training With Veda

specialized hybrid bicycle on training stand


We’ve both been on vacation this week and instead of making firm plans to go anywhere, we stayed around home and got some things done. Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating, and the previous week’s mild temperatures were replaced by cold, high winds, and even a 5″ snowfall. We only went riding once, and the old bike was off the training stand because I was riding it before we purchased Veda, my new bike (a Specialized Vita Elite).

Veda’s up on the training stand because vacation’s over, the weather isn’t good for riding the rest of the weekend, and it’s been too long since I got any appreciable exercise, and my blood glucose numbers tell the story.

The week of St Patrick’s day, I didn’t have a single reading over 100, and most of them are in the 85-95 range, with one morning as low as 81, the day after an eight-mile ride in Elk Grove Village. There were other rides in the same week – I rode daily after buying Veda until midweek and the BG numbers follow right along.

This week, with almost no riding except for a cold and frustrating ride around the Paul Douglas forest preserve  bike path loop,  and not much walking counted by my Vivofit fitness tracker gadget, the numbers have been troubling. They went right back over 100 with only one day under that number all week, although I’ve been carefully counting carbs and calories (and losing weight) through the week “off.”

Not exercising means not controlling my numbers well. That’s all there is to it.

I’m looking forward to going to the Chicagoland Diabetes Expo in April and hoping that my brother-in-law Dan and his girlfriend Tami can go along with us, it’s going to be fun.

You can follow my progress at Strava.com – I’m GinnyRED57 there, or at MyFitnessPal.com (I’m GinnyRED57 there too).

Check out http://www.ridewithginny.com for my Tour de Cure fundraising – please donate any amount!

Workout Diary | Marking Time

Dang, I’ve been working out consistently the last couple of weeks – 3 or 4 times a week. Plus last weekend, we went for a couple of 2+ mile walks. Yet, I’m stuck at 224 at the moment, I was 225 last week and the week before.  I think part of the problem was some big, heavy meals.  But those were various special occasions, so I hope to get back on track next week.  Bonus: realized I can also work out on Sundays,  so I don’t backslide too much over the weekend.

Will I Be The Biggest Loser?

Weighed myself yesterday, and am at 225. From here it gets harder as I’ve probably lost mostly water but also gained a bit of muscle mass. Fortunately, a “Biggest Loser” contest at work starts Monday. Lifted weights twice this week, worked out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. The contest runs for 6 weeks, until just before the Christmas juggernaut. Wish me luck!