Put It Out Of Our Misery: The “Star Wars Trumpet” Video

Via the wonders of the Internets, The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century › The “Star Wars Trumpet” Video pointed me at this awesum video:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Wffwg7pA0t8" width="400" height="326" wmode="transparent" /]

It’s so incredibly bad. According to the post at YouTube, this tape has been making the rounds of TV news stations for a while, passed between tape heads along the lines of “you think that clip’s bad, what about THIS?”

The best part is when she starts dancing around, very ineptly, during the “lasers firing sound effects” portion of the “Disco Star Wars” theme, attempting to evade hostile fire.

The second best part is when the video ends before the big finale, putting it out of our misery.

UPDATE:Correction, it doesn’t cut out early, it was just a mercy drop on the part of our wireless connection the first time I watched. Her penguin-dance tribute to Charlie Chaplin (LOVE the silver ballet slippers, I bet that took a whole can of spray paint) is intact.

So is the complete silence from the audience when she gets (finally) to the end and stops.

And now, I’m off to contact friends who were big Star Wars geeks back in the day, one of which was a horn player and thus uniquely qualified to appreciate the badness.

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