A Foot Problem


Remember way back when I sprained my foot? That was almost 2 years ago, and my foot still bothers me. I never did get around to going to physical therapy, and I haven’t been wearing very good shoes. In fact, the last 8 months or so, I’ve been wearing flip-flops and Birks, because my sport shoes were actually a size too small, as my feet have gotten larger. I had some arch supports in the sports shoes, but they never really felt that
good. So, like others in the family, I ended up seeing a specialist about my feet.

Here, the technician has stepped away after setting up the pads, bucket of warm water, and strips of plaster casting material, ready for the foot doc to come in and make me some moccassins. From those, orthotic inserts will be cast. I’ll be getting some new shoes, with the proper fit, too.


Horrible things, my feet. I’ve never, ever had a pedicure, and feel alternately fascinated and confused by the way other women seem to actually spend time and money having their toenails painted. I’ve never had cute, small feet or shapely ankles, so the thought of actually drawing attention to these objects is completely foreign to me. Still, whenever a health professional or shoe salesman has to look at my feet, I cringe. My feet look and feel their best in… heavy socks and hiking boots.

The last few months, I’ve gradually realized that I really have to start taking better care of myself, my body, and my health, and I’m going to start from the ground up, because the foot pain and the swelling are preventing me from doing other things, and the inactivity is contributing to my backaches, neck and shoulder aches, and assorted other irks and quirks.

At least the ortho is nearby. And after dealing with the foot thing, I’ll ask them for some information about getting my back on track, which may have something to do with the arch support issue. And if it doesn’t, it’s probably time for a new mattress.

Fun, fun, fun.

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2 thoughts on “A Foot Problem

  1. pedicures rawk, even if you are not into having prettified feet. I had one several years ago (gift certificate) and while it’s totally embarrassing (I have a scary big toenail as the result of a papercutter accident), it feels extraordinary.

  2. You know, I may just go for it in the next few weeks. It feels pretty good when I scrub and exfoliate a little, so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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