The Difficult Choice The GOP Must Make

Is it too late to cancel the order for thousands of #RebelFlag cowboy hats, banners, and shirts for election-season campaign rallies? Really don't need the optics of all those crazy-eyed people flaunting a symbol that says "heritage" to them and "hatred" to everyone else.


Is it too late to ORDER that stuff? Really need to pander to that anti-government closet-racist base. Hopefully without having to buy from the Chinese… at least there'll be a lot of returns from Walmart, Amazon, and Sears to pick over.

6 Companies Ban Confederate Flag Sales

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The Willful Ignoring Of The Truth

+Dave Hill puts all the Rightsplainations in one place. It's not just willful ignorance, it's willfully ignoring the painfully obvious truth of Charleston.

On what the Charleston shooting was REALLY about
Rick Perry referred to it was an “accident” and probably involved overuse of prescription drugs: Michael Savage thought it might be drugs, too. Or maybe a government assassin: But Rick Santorum said it was all about attacks on re…

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David Gibbs and I have been Joshified!

We need the Cure – help Team Red Chicagoland reach our goal by July 15 and relative normality will be restored.

Plz halp! Mmff! 🚒🚑🚲🚲🚲⚠️⬇️⬇️⬇️🎭🎭🎭🆘💲💲💲

These photos are my journey with #Diabetes since I was diagnosed in December 2015. These are all the photos connected with living with #diabetes and learning to control it with diet and exercise.

I was already registered to ride in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure charity ride, but then my diagnosis meant that I had become a Red Rider. Through friends in the Chicago ADA office, I got the jersey and started riding my old bike on an indoor trainer. The fundraising season started with the #TourdeCure Kickoff in March.

My nephew +Joshua Gibbs rode with me and +Barb Pohl on the 40 mile route of the recent Tour de Cure Chicagoland charity ride on Sunday 15JUN15. We're all on +Team RED Chicago together. If you donate to Josh's Tour de Cure page via Facebook or G+, he'll #Joshify your photos, too.

The deadline for post-ride donations is 15JUL15. Any amount helps – small donations are the bulk of what I've raised so far. +Team RED Chicago is hoping to exceed our team goal of $65,000, and I'm hoping to exceed my personal goal of $2900.00

I hope my other teammates don't get infected. ;) The #ArmyofJosh is irresistible! He uses an app called Juxtaposer to insert his picture, which was taken at a family dinner when we gave him the Tour jersey and cycling cap. He rocks that look, and raised more than a thousand dollars in a week after all his friends donated money just to see what he'd do to their pictures.

See re-direct link to my fundraising page at

My cover picture is #Joshified until further notice! PLZ HALP!


In Album Tour De Cure Chicagoland – 40 Awesome Miles

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I rode my bike 41.1 miles at Tour de Cure Chicagoland yesterday, one of the premier fundraising events of the American Diabetes Association. I fell over twice, got poop-bombed by a bird, and got my particles accelerated riding through Fermiland's beautiful prairie campus.

I hurt everywhere, I've got an amazing variety of bruises, and my bike is covered with mud. I rode my heart out and cheered myself hoarse for other diabetic Red Riders like me, and for everybody on Team Red Chicago.

It. Was. Awesome.

Fundraising for the event ends July 15, so there's still time to help me #fightdiabetes. I've raised $2207.00 so far, hoping to reach my goal of $2900.00 by then. Every little bit helps to #fightdiabetes!

American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

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