No Contact Means No Contact

While looking for something else I stumbled across this post, which reminded me of an old roommate who had to go full no-contact with her abusive mother. It also reminded me of a recent girlfriend who had a narcissistic ex-boyfriend.

In both instances, I wasn't as supportive as I could have been, but at least the second time I got more of the gist of why "no contact means no contact."

Should I need to remind myself again, sticking this here to be left till called for.

The Art of No Contact: Part 1

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Welcome Home, Bud

Excuse me, something in my eye now.

WWII Army Pvt. Arthur “Bud” Kelder, home, finally, after 73 years – Chicago
Pvt. Bud Kelder’s last letters to his parents are heartbreaking. The Schurz High School graduate volunteered for the Army before the United States entered World War II. He was stationed in the Philippines during the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Within hours, Japanese forces invaded the islands. He wrote to his worried parents …

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Armstrong: We All Rode In An Unfortunate Era

Lance Armstrong, riding #OneDayAhead of the #TourdeFrance with a group of amateur cyclists for a leukemia charity, reminds the press that almost no one of his time was clean.

He manages to take a nasty swipe at people currently working in the press corps, team staff, team management, and more. Yes, no one was clean, Lance, we get it, but you lied and denied for years.

It would be better if Lance were riding one day behind, through all the cow pats and road oil and advertising debris the Tour leaves behind.

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Sportsmanship in Stage 4

On stage 4 at the Tour de France, Tony Martin rode a teammate's bike to win the stage and the yellow jersey, the first of his career. He thanked his teammates profusely by name for their hard work and support. He and his mates, including GC contender Mark Cavendish on Etixx-Quickstep were overjoyed.

Chris Froome gracefully conceded the win, noted that he's still in a great position, and then thanked his teammates profusely by name, especially Richie Porte, who blew himself up in the first half setting the pace. He and his Sky teammates remain rock-solid, always ready to jump out ahead and drive the pace.

Tinkoff-Saxo's Alberto Contador rode the last 30km on a broken rear rim, and finished well up in the standings, remarking that there was not time to change the wheel. He's also a big GC contender.

France's favorite, local son Thibault Pinot, had a terrible, no good, very bad day. He suffered a roadside mechanical and lost his sang-froid, yelling at hapless mechanics and helpless teammates, waiting for a team car to bring up a replacement bike. Further down the road, he had a meltdown, dismounted, and pounded his replacement carbon bike into the pavement in frustration.

Quoted in the official Le Tour site, he blamed bad luck, tall teammates, and the fact that his team car was in 13th position… which is due to the team's poor position overall, and as the GC contender of that team, something he can do something about. Morale on the French FDJ team must be in le donjon tonight.

"Dejected after the cobbles stage which saw him lose 3:23 because of a mechanical problem, Thibaut Pinot invoked bad luck and the 2013 Tour which was also an ill-fated one for him.

”I had a mechanical and then it went full gas. When incidents pile up… It was the same in 2013 and it looks like it's going to be the same again. It's a shame,” said the third in the 2014 Tour.

”I could have received assistance but who from ? Mathieu (Ladagnous), who is much taller than me ? It's sure that when you have car number 13, you must expect to wait for your car a long time,” he added.

”Now I will try to recover with time. I'm going to finish the Tour and try to prove that my talent is still there,” he said."

Wow, who would you like to drink a glass of wine with at the end of the day? Not Pinot… 😉

Tour de France quotes: Martin digs deep for yellow jersey
Stage 4 reaction from Froome, Contador, Pinot and Trentin

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The Difficult Choice The GOP Must Make

Is it too late to cancel the order for thousands of #RebelFlag cowboy hats, banners, and shirts for election-season campaign rallies? Really don't need the optics of all those crazy-eyed people flaunting a symbol that says "heritage" to them and "hatred" to everyone else.


Is it too late to ORDER that stuff? Really need to pander to that anti-government closet-racist base. Hopefully without having to buy from the Chinese… at least there'll be a lot of returns from Walmart, Amazon, and Sears to pick over.

6 Companies Ban Confederate Flag Sales

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