Violence Against Women: Accuser Shot and Killed

Because she dared to file a complaint, she's dead.

Iowa Mall Shooting Motivated By Sexual Harassment Complaints
On Friday Alexander M. Kozak, a security guard Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa, shot a woman three times in the back. Court records from Kozak’s Saturday morning arraignment show that the murder was likely premeditated, done in retaliation over complaints about sexual harassment.

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Why Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Child Abuse?

Yet another upstanding Christianist conservative escaped criminal charges for child abuse because the SOL had passed. Huckabee sure knows how to pick his associates.

Interesting detail about the minutes of his church's board of deacons – he was kicked out of the diaconate and later excommunicated over the second victim's statements, which they found credible and "heinous." But the law can do nothing.

_John Perry, a prolific author who co-wrote two books with former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and co-wrote one with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, was accused of child molestation in two separate lawsuits, BuzzFeed News has found.

A 2012 police investigation of Perry's alleged offenses found that "the allegations of sexual battery were sustained" but that the statute of limitations had expired._

Co-Author Of Mike Huckabee Books Was Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse
Prominent Christian author John Perry, who has also co-authored a book with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, has been accused of child molestation in two separate lawsuits.

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The FOX Primary: Worst In The Nation

Fox News personalities believe the August 6 Fox News debate is supplanting Iowa and New Hampshire as the first Republican presidential contest. The debate's 10-candidate limit places Fox News in a gatekeeper role, with candidates jostling for airtime on the network to better their chances of making the debate stage.

Forget Iowa And New Hampshire: Fox News Says Qualifying For Its Debate Is The First Real Contest

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