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November 2016 – we went to Hawaii to ride bikes and raise a little money for Honolulu Tour de Cure, and I some how managed to ride a road bike 38 miles on a very hilly course. Woo! Most of the time we stayed on Maui, and when we came back, autumn was over and winter was on its way.

Something else happened in November, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Diabetes Sucks: Help Me Raise $3000 in Tour de Cure Chicago 2016


In December, 2014 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and will be riding in Tour de Cure Chicago on Team Red again this year to raise money for research and to help STOP DIABETES. Why? because diabetes sucks! For the second year running, as a person living with diabetes I wear the Red Rider jersey for training and on the day of the ride.

This year, if I raise $1000 by January 1, 2016, I will commit to ride 65 miles on the road, instead of the 40 mile ride on the trail. I’m not currently comfortable as a road rider and I need all the support and commitment I can get.

Please visit my fundraising pages:

Or if you visit this site, your location will be tracked on a little map before it re-directs you to my ADA page.

WordPress › Social Media 2 WordPress for Google « WordPress Plugins

So far I’m only using Daniel Treadwell’s Google+ plugin, as I already have some Twitter and Facebook plugins working. If those are no longer working in the future, I can switch over.

Social Media 2 WordPress for Google allows you to continuously import posts (including photos, albums, videos and links) from Google to your blog.

Source: WordPress › Social Media 2 WordPress for Google « WordPress Plugins

Talking Heads Praise Pope’s Concern for Poor, Ignore Own Part in Austerity Politics

Crooks and Liars, on the new Pope:

They probably weren’t hired for their introspection, but it’s still a little startling when you see how little responsibility Beltway media types take for pushing austerity politics.

It’s interesting, I think, that the Beltway newsreaders (and certain ultra-conservative cardinals) are so enthusiastic about Pope Francis and his concern for the poor — without a moment’s introspection about their own part in enabling the politicians and policies that somehow always benefit the members of their own class and kick poor people in the teeth.

Via Crooks and Liars

All the Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Are Coming in 2013

This year’s science fiction books are going to rock. John Scalzi returns to the Old Man’s War universe, there’s a brand new Neil Gaiman novel, and Stephen King’s long-awaited sequel to The Shining. Plus brand new books from Austin Grossman, Nalo Hopkinson, Christopher Priest, Diana Gabaldon, Robert J. Sawyer, Joe Hill… and J.R.R. Tolkien?

via All the Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Are Coming in 2013

So here’s a list of things for me to think about reading this year instead!

Left Unsaid

Riley is doing pretty well on his kitty chemo regimen.

Work is good, my desk will be next to a window starting Monday.

My doctor is now satisfied that my weird blood tests are “normal for me.” But, ow.

We’re looking forward to vacation in a few weeks, but trying to stay flexible.

Family is mostly good, though there is lots that must remain unsaid.

Church is good, but need to catch up on some updates for the website.