80% of Republicans back Trump on Charlottesville

80% of Republicans back Trump on Charlottesville

It would seem that the Republican party believes that Nazis should be left alone to do whatever they want unopposed. I don't see how you can look at that result and think otherwise.

Such good people they are, every last one of them.

I think that Democrats had better start grappling with the fact that Republicans will follow him anywhere and back him no matter what he says or does. It is now a cult, not a political party.

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2 thoughts on “80% of Republicans back Trump on Charlottesville

  1. First of all that is a random chart, you have no factual evidence to show that is true polling. And second, it was Antifa who is a left wing cult. Along with black lives matter. They are the alt left, a group of individuals who claims trump will destroy America, then goes out and burns cars and breaks windows…so to stop America from getting destroyed by Trump they destroy it themselves? Hypocrisy? Or just plain stupidity? Or both? Most of the protesters there were not Nazis or White Nationalists. Most of them were there to protest the taking down of the confederate General Lee monument. And they had a legal protest permit, which Antifa has never gotten. And when they found out about this, they crawled out of their mothers basement with clubs and beat up the right wingers. And the mayor who claimed that Charlottesville will be the capital for the resistance (Insinuating that there will be a civil war and it will start there) he ordered the police to stand down and let the right wingers get beat up. That's called corruption, and HE needs to get impeached not trump. You democrats want your own little world where only you have rights and anyone who opposes them should be killed, beat up, put in jail, ect. Do you notice anything about that? Does that remind you of anything? If you have a brain it should remind you of what a real fascist regime looks like. Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Imperialist Japan, Venezuela, need I name any others? Then you want to destroy all of our history by destroying our monuments? Disgusting. You people are evil and if a civil war does happen, you will lose.

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