Crap! Leave No Purse Behind, Dammit!


The bad news: I left my purse behind on Bainbridge Island yesterday and discovered this AFTER we made the ferry to Seattle with minutes to spare.

The good news: it was at Fork and Spoon, the last place we were, and my friend Kevin was able to retrieve it.

The middling news: I have to go back this morning and meet Kevin on the pedestrian ramp on the Winslow side.

The not-bad-at-all news: the Number 16 bus goes direct from the hotel to the ferry terminal, so I’m off reconnecting with my earlier bus-riding self while David relaxes at the hotel (and does laundry).

Bus seems to be late but others are waiting, I’ll call Kevin from the ferry…oh hey! Here’s the bus.

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How our right-wing talkers are explained to the British by one of the Guardian’s columnists: don’t miss the bit where Michael Savage, banned from travel to Britain, whines about Obama’s ecstatic reception in Ireland. I liked this bit where BillO grouses that FOXNews don’t get no respect.

It is understandable why O’Reilly would be concerned about losing advertisers in light of the recent cancellation of his colleague Glenn Beck’s show. Though no official reason was given for the programme’s cancellation, it is widely speculated that the loss of revenue resulting from the Stopbeck campaign’s call for an advertiser boycott had something to do with it. Now the DropFox campaign is calling on companies to reconsider advertising on other Fox News programmes if, as Ilyse Hogue, project director of DropFox, puts it, “allying their brand with Fox News may be at odds with the values of their customer base”.

via The Right Word: outrage and betrayal | Sadhbh Walshe | Comment is free |

British Far Right, Defeated At Polls, Resorts To Street Thuggery

Can we expect this even if our own ultra-right is marginalized and defeated in elections? Somehow I think our racist wackos skew older, and less physically able to carry out coordinated attacks. But dang, they could sure cause traffic jams and hog all the sidewalks with their RVs and scooters.

Far-right activists have attacked trade union meetings and anti-racist groups in the past month in what campaigners and politicians say is an escalating campaign of intimidation and violence.

In the latest incident, a 20-strong group hurled concrete pillars, glass and rocks at a meeting on multiculturalism organised by Labour councillors in Barking, east London.

“It was terrifying,” said Beverley, 48, an NHS worker who was hit by a rock, leaving her hand so badly damaged that she needed surgery and was on a drip in hospital for three days. “These people seem to think they can bully and intimidate people into staying away.”

The attack last Thursday followed incidents in Liverpool, Brighton and east London involving people who claim to be supporters of the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right street movement. A spokesman for the group said the EDL was unaware of any of the incidents, adding that it did not condone violence.

The attacks follow disastrous election performances by the British National party, leading analysts to warn that some of its supporters may be turning their backs on electoral politics to focus on more violent street confrontations.

“The threat is that as far-right activists decide the electoral path is no longer possible … we will see more aggressive street-based groups linking up and a rise in racially and politically motivated violence,” said Nick Lowles from Searchlight.

Via The Guardian