Pizza At the Beginning and End of All Things

This morning when I got to work, I had a notice that one of the hotels where I’ve got a group booked was going to be in the office with treats. After dealing with some morning stuff (why can’t people plan in advance?) I wandered in to the board room where they were set up.

MMmmm! Breakfast pizza! That’s nice and fattening and full of calories and sodium!

(and it was delicious too).

This evening, after futzing around meal-wise, David and I decided to forage in the cupboards and fridge. I had a vague idea I’d heat up some soup.

“Oh, hey, we’ve still got leftover pizza!” called out David from the kitchen.

MMmmm! Leftover pizza! Why yes, you can heat me up a couple of slices!

And so our day beginneth and endeth with the pizza.

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The Once and Future Linear

Right, as ***Dave noted, ecto has split into separate Mac and Windows entities, and he and I are following the path of Windows… and an upgrade to a later version was called for. I hope this solves the problemo with the extra spaces being added to the DIVs that rock my drop-shadowed world.

So as a test post, this is pretty boring. Let’s see some pictures then.

Rachel Carson


This is the plaque from the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge. I forgot to add it to yesterday’s post.

All of my HTML tags are there, after following the instructions to uninstall ecto and install its cooler younger brother, Linear.  The presets are missing from the upload gadget (which are pretty trivial to fix, I think).

The nice thing about a program like ecto Linear is that it can be used with more than one kind of blog. Which is what I was using it for, up until fairly recently. But with WordPress’s internal image uploader not being capable of having presets like the drop shadows, and a lot of photos coming up in the next couple of weeks, it’s time to get Linear working again.

I also prefer how it handles links – the latest version of WP no longer recognizes a handy shortcut like CTRL-K, and it’s not configured to put a URL that’s in your clipboard into the link automagically like Linear is.

Also, I forgot about the Template feature. Must fool around with that, too.


Aaaaaargh ecto and drop shadows

Okay, I need to figure out why ecto messed up on the CSS drop shadows. And I’m working on a revamp of the new template, too.

I’d use the native WP entry but it’s wonky on age uploads…something that requires me to clear cache multiple times or restart Firefox for the slick, Flash based interface to work. When it works it’s great.

Working on custom banners background color and coordinated fonts and colors.

More later.