A Fizz-Nik For The Ages

Pop-bottle snap-on cup makes ice cream floats on demand – Boing Boing

The Fizz Cup is a cup that screws on to the top of a pop bottle. You fill it with ice-cream and squeeze the bottle and the soda rushes over the ice-cream and turns into an ice-cream float that fizzes out and into your gob, sparing you the mess of making ice-cream floats the old way.

Yeah. This is nothing new; I had a gadget called a “Fizz-nik” when I was a little kid in Albuquerque. Mine looked like this, except it was green and white. It was marketed by 7-Up, and of course I thought you could only use it with 7-Up and not with any other soda pop.

I mean, it had the old logo on it and everything. My toddlerish mind thought that meant that ONLY 7-UP could be used. I remember getting upset with Mom in the kitchen of our little house in ABQ, when she put a scoop of vanilla in the thing and popped it into a bottle of root beer. Root beer!

Okay, it tasted good, either way, but it bothered me. I wish I still had the thing, but it probably got thrown out at some point after we moved to Salt Lake. I vaguely remember it taking up space in a kitchen drawer, which is probably why it got tossed later. It was bulky, and the two parts probably got warped and didn’t fit together after going through the dishwasher a few times.

And no, I won’t be buying “The Fizz.” I’m getting ready to go on a health kick as my weight is getting uncomfortably high. Too many ice cream treats this year, don’t need any more temptation.

But mmmm, Fizz-niks were good, when the thing didn’t pop open and spill pop and ice cream everywhere.

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