Hagee in the hot seat

Pastor who endorsed McCain apologizes for remarks about Catholics – Los Angeles Times

Commenters on liberal-Christian, Episcopalian blogs I read have been complaining for weeks about John Hagee’s apparent invisibility on the media radar, while Rev. Wright was in the crosshairs of the right wing, hoping to pick off Obama from a tangent. Well, what goes around comes around; McCain’s pet pastor, whose support he needs in order to gain grudging favor from the religious right, finally gains albatross status.

Jet Blue Sued, In Deep Doo-Doo

Man sues airline over flight spent in toilet | Oddly Enough | Reuters
But Mutlu was allowed to board after a JetBlue flight attendant agreed to give up her seat and travel in an airline employee “jump seat.” It was not clear in the lawsuit whether the flight attendant was working.

However 90 minutes into the flight, the pilot told Mutlu the flight attendant was uncomfortable and he would have to give up his seat and “hang out” in the bathroom for the remainder of the flight, the lawsuit said.

Zimbabwe: Police Beat Up, Evict Anglicans In Church

allAfrica.com: Zimbabwe: Police Beat Up And Evict Anglican Parishioners Page 1 of 1
State sponsored violence against members of the Anglican Church reached new levels over the weekend as police in different parts of Harare gatecrashed church services and beat up parishioners loyal to new bishop Sebastian Bakare.

At the St Francis parish in Waterfalls riot police interrupted the service during holy communion and told parishioners to leave. Witnesses said the parishioners assumed it was the usual police over-zealousness and some of them remained seated. The police then began beating up people, including women, in the church.

Bishop Bakare, who replaced former bishop-deposed Nolbert Kunonga, goes on to note that Kunonga has accused Bakare of being an MDC supporter, has accepted financial support from Britain (ie., the Devil), and so on.

I’ve quoted the entire article as AllAfrica.com tends to scroll stories off into the archives (or remove them) pretty quickly.  The Zim stories seem to be escalating – more news is getting out, at least, so it’s hard to tell if the atrocities are getting worse, or it’s just that they’re getting reported.

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