How Old Is Our Whirlpool Washer And Dryer? Old Enough for New

David reported a problem from the nether regions of the house, a frightening space where anarchy and chaos reign.

The agitator on the washer wasn’t agitating, much as an aging Yippie slows down, plants wine grapes and mellows out.  So we went looking online for help, and found several intriguing but daunting methods for fixing the washer. Even with the helpful step-by-step photos I found, it seemed a little beyond our maximum allowable levels of patience and frustration.

So then we wondered if it was worth running around trying to find the agitator/cam dog repair kit our diagnostics indicated, and we concluded that no, Socrates, it was not:

This page may help you find out the manufacturing date of your Whirlpool built appliance
You will need to write down the model number and letters from your model/serial tag.

The date code is in the letter on your model number.

Example model numbers:
UPDATE: Fixed formatting so you can see how to
determine your model year. Sorry for the delay!! You have to look at the letter that is the third-to-last character on the model number. The original website had this formatted in bold red, which a very stupid blogger girl who shall remain clueless (sigh…me) had omitted. On our own model number, the second-to-last letter is a T

Example model numbers:
LRS6233BW1= 1994
SF367PEYW1= 1992
LE6685XPW1= 1985
ET22PKXXW0= 1991
EV150CXKW0 = 1982

K = 1982 or 2001
L = 1983 or 2002
M = 1984 or 2003
P = 1985 or 2004
R = 1986 or 2005
S = 1987 or 2006
T = 1988 or 2007
V = 1989 or 2008
W = 1990 or 2009
X = 1991 or 2010
Y = 1992 or 2011
A = 1993 or 2012
B = 1994 or 2013
D = 1995 or 2014
E = 1996 or 2015
F = 1997 or 2016
G = 1998 or 2017
H = 1999 or 2018
J = 2000 or 2019

Whoops, T stands for “time for a new washer” (and dryer, as they’re a matched pair). Our washer was built in 1988, and is original to the house.

So we bought a fancy-schmancy new set at Sears that has all kinds of electronic buttons and a timer that tells you how long until the clothes are dry – it’s got a sensor that knows if they’re still damp or just right. Huzzah, etc. To be delivered tomorrow.  We bought the 5-year service contract, because you never know about these things.  They’re front loading Kenmores (built by Whirlpool) with a left-hand door on the washer, and a right hand door on the dryer, so transferring the clothes will be convenient. We did not opt for the fancy pedestals or the optional work surface for the top – we can actually make one from MDF/melamine shelving and LRF (little rubber feet).

UPDATE: Comments are now closed on this post, because I was still getting requests for service and repair tips. Meanwhile, the “new” Whirlpool/Kenmore set is still going strong (and I was shocked to discover that we’ve had them nearly 10 years.

Maybe I should blog about how we had to buy first a fridge and then a stove just before and after the Christmas 2016 holidays?

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