Utsukushii desu, neh?

Isn’t this beautiful?

Hunkabutta: Tokyo photos, a stranger’s life in pictures

I ran across it when browsing mediatinker’s helpful and attractive site. And also in the same search came across it again via the great Tokyo Shoes blog tutorial.

I’m impressed by the design aesthetics of the pages and blown away by the gorgeous images. I spent two weeks in Japan, and no picture of mine comes close to these in quality.

Man, I wish I could take pictures like these.

And I hope I remembered right that “Utsukushii” means “beautiful.”
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Mostly Harmless

Well, I went to the MT movabletype.org : Support Forum rather a lot, reeely. And I went to a number of helpful webpages, like ***Dave and so on. And I got the most annoying thing fixed, which was the top line of the border enclosing the blog entries disappearing. But the solid line that appears under the topmost date always disappears on first loading, and reappears after a scrolling refresh. And you know what? That’s… okay.

Just let it go, Louie, let it go.

I added line-height yadda yadda according to Project Whiteguy, I went into the comments listing template following a suggestion from an MT post, and then I tinkered around with padding and margins.

And nothing worked. And that’s… okay.

That Damn Peekaboo!

There are just a few niggling little nits to pick (other than the horrible design) of this page, and the main one is that stupid bug that makes text disappear and reappear in IE6. I’ve tried various fixes noted at the MT forum and the Holly Hack is installed, along with a sprinkling of other suggested fixes.

And the line under the topmost date still disappears when refreshed, then reappears if the page is scrolled down and back up.


Arr Arr Arr

Our buddy Steve called about the time we were wondering what to do about dinner with only frozen chicken and some green beans in the fridge.

“Hell, yes, we’ll meet you and your friends for pizza at Gino’s East!”

We didn’t know everyone there that well, but several pitchers of Coke and a black olive-pepperoni-garlic deep dish pizza later, it was much more betta.

Oh. My. God. That extra garlic with the olives totally MADE that pizza work. Golf claps were awarded to the person who chose the ingredients. It was a fine time and it was nice seeing some familiar faces and getting better acquainted.

Of the many topics of conversation covered (such as Steve’s continued attempts to find companionship through a dating service) this one was the best.

Arr arr arrrrr!!! (I said this a lot earlier today when fooling with templates)
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